Borrower Information

How do you get a Slow Money SWV loan?

If you have a local farm or other local food enterprise, with a viable need for capital to get started or expand, Slow Money SWV may be able to help.

Slow Money SWV is working to bring people together to discuss how we can be part of fixing our local food economy from the ground up.  We support using sustainable practices to offer healthy, delicious, nutritious, and local food to our community.

If your business fits this mission, we invite you to fill out this online Borrower Information Form and some one will contact you very soon.  The questions have been designed to help us get to know you better and not simply based on credit checks and exhaustive business plans.

Slow Money SWV does not have any money to lend.  We work on bringing people to the table who might want to meet you.  These are primarily direct, peer-to-peer, low-interest loans, that are transacted by people who know one another.

We will work to introduce you to individuals in our area who have shown an interest in supporting local food and farming businesses.  If we don’t have any potential lenders that fit with your needs we will let you know that also.

These are meant to be affordable loans, and the interest rate will be negotiated between the lender and borrower, typically between 2 and 7% depending on the size and term of the loan.  While there are no fees for making or receiving Slow Money loans, as a non-profit enterprise, Slow Money SWV invites donations so that we can continue to develop and grow this project.

Take a look at the information on the How Slow Money Works.

We look forward to speaking with you about your ideas!

Any questions about this form, or Slow Money SWV, feel free to contact us at: erin[at]slowmoneyswv[dot]org

If you do not hear back within a few days, feel free to send a follow-up email as well.

***Disclaimer: Slow Money South Willamette Valley is run by a small group of volunteers who are not investment professionals. Our group organizes meetings and other educational resources about local investing. We do not offer any legal, financial or investment advice. We do not solicit, offer, recommend or endorse any investment opportunities. Any financial decisions you make are at your own risk.