Slow Money South Willamette Valley



Inspired by a visit from Woody Tasch in March of 2013 to the University of Oregon (author of Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money, published in 2009) a few of us set out to help build resilience in our local food and farming economy by catalyzing low-interest Slow Money Collageloans to local, sustainable food and farming businesses.

Investing money as though food, farms and the fertility of the soil really mattered. Slow Money is bringing people together around a shared vision.  It starts with the soil, entrepreneurs (borrowers) are the seeds and Investors (lenders) are the water.

We are working with the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition as our fiscal sponsor, we are operating as a non-profit (as in ALL volunteer) and have started helping make low-interest, short-term loans.

Since our start in March of 2013 we have catalyzed a total of six, short-term, affordable, direct loans to farms and local food businesses totaling over $98,000.00. Ordinary people helping their neighbors to bring more local food to our tables.  In addition through the new Oregon crowdfunding law, Community Public Offering we have assisted in the launching of two securities offerings here in our area.  Right now two companies are using the new law to offer securities in their business; Agrarian Ales and Red Wagon Creamery.

Investing in these companies is ONLY for OREGON residents.  To see their offerings visit:, where you can find the terms and disclosure documents.

Many of us have a variety of traditional investments which travel the globe at the speed of light and have no relationship to us, or to the products we use, or to our local communities. We want to help change this!

With Slow Money our money comes back home where it can do a great deal of good, back down to earth and here’s how:

  • Slow Money SWV lets you reconnect with a portion of the money that you have trusted to strangers in faraway places and instead, help build a more local, durable economy from the soil up!
  • When you make a loan to a farmer or other local food enterprise so they can expand and flourish, you can truly enjoy the fruits of their labor (literally).

As Woody writes about in his book, if we each invested just 1% of our portfolios in enhancing our local food systems the change would be extraordinary. Our money could quickly go to work enriching our lives, instead of the lives of faraway bankers, hedge fund managers, and wall street executives.

When thousands of people do something, even something small, it can make a VERY BIG difference.

If you include “meaning” in your investment metric, you will find making Slow Money loans offers wildly wonderful returns.

By facilitating low interest loans to local food businesses and farms we can all enhance our local foodshed and enrich our community.

We welcome you to attend one of our Slow Money SWV Gatherings and learn more.

Put your money where your food is!  Imagine a million people investing in local food systems. It starts with YOU!

***Disclaimer: Slow Money South Willamette Valley is run by a small group of volunteers who are not investment professionals. Our group organizes meetings and other educational resources about local investing. We do not offer any legal, financial or investment advice. We do not solicit, offer, recommend or endorse any investment opportunities. Any financial decisions you make are at your own risk.